Know the Difference!


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Desire is simply not enough even if it is engulfing on its own.There’s a lot more left to be desired! It is not in the body language but in the momentum of the soul, in the way it drifts into another, in countless ways.
Desire is a part of what makes love whole but simply disastrous left to its own device. It cannot feed the soul forever, even though it’s captivating in its rapture. Know the difference!


Rising Phoenix


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I know she will keep rising…
Burnt by the ravages of time
In her own ashes she will turn dust
Into a blessed gold sprinkling of life
to comeback renewed and blazing still
To proclaim the life that she loves.
That’s you ‘n’ me ‘n’ her
Birds of a feather that flock together
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
In sure n certain hope of the resurrection.


The Wait


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Why is there such a long wait
between night n day?
Why do I wait for our times to collide
in moments that make me smile wide when you wake up n say hello.
The written words etched n pressed
on sheets of dreams as we both sleep
keeps me awake in another world
where there are no worries n no cares.
Blossoming like a flower, soaring like a kite, cresting waves of hope…
I wait for you to wake, tumbling words that soothe my soul.

Lunacy 🌕


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The moon is beautiful tonight.
I think of you and smile to myself
Knowing that we build our castles
From nothing but sheer lunacy.
We stare at each other
from windows across the universe,
claiming the world, woven in a web
dangling in enticement.
We swing on the edge of excitement
saying “I love you” n blowing kisses
Laughing over silly nothings n teasing each other in mirth,
Our eyes locked in a world all our own.
Yes, it’s the same moon that smiles down on us, driving us to insanity.

Looking out


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Looking out at the skies
and over the airwaves
looking for my tender smiles
smoothing out my flyaway’s…
Looking out the windowpane
chasing clouds as I move far away
looking at the drops that roll down
remnants of yesterdays rain…
Looking out as I await
for the alms of a warm embrace
on this long winding road
standing askance at your gates.